It was one of those rich and moving spontaneous conversations made extra-meaningful owing to the rarity of such in my life lately.

It was set in our apartment’s messy strangely comfy living room that covers the carved wooden round table strewn with a mix of stuff that are and aren’t meant for dining — candle holders, glass coasters, assorted beads, notepads, coffee mugs, a laptop computer, and cosmetics.

For those not accustomed to three full meals a day, it was the time of day when brunch is gobbled. For religious devotees, it was the period for absorbing a preacher’s words. For those habituated to late night drinks, it was the least likely hour to be “happy”.

But, as I said, what happened was spontaneous. And since spontaneity is appreciated most for its quirky paradox and appropriate weirdness, it was no wonder that amidst our place’s tumble on a temperamental Sunday morning, roomie Belinda and I found ourselves together. Together, as in mutually attuned to each other. And, together, as in individually collected and clear.

Like most spur-of-the-moments, you never know exactly when things start and how they unfold. One of you remarks on the unopened Spanish Gate red wine left over from the despidida picnic of best friend and perennial house guest La Maria. Acting on the impulse, the other walks over to the high cupboard, defies the limitation of height and grabs the attention-seeking bottle. Before you know it, two roomies are engaged in an open heart exchange that reveals a shared sentiment of how well-suited they are as housemates.

Two hours later, La Maria arrives with more wine. She takes the place of Belinda who has to run off for work. A different drinking mate breaks neither the flow of the spirit nor the spirit of the flow. Soon, drops are falling from misty eyes. A fitting farewell between two friends about to be separated by seas but who both know they will remain ever-present in each other’s lives.

It was a momentous occasion. Precisely so because it brings on this renewed enthusiasm and inspired conviction to crawl out of the shell and again share one’s loving and beautiful self to the unknowing world.

Cheers !

(written May 2, reposting here as I’ve forgotten the account details of my other blog where this entry came from. mwehehe.)