fete-with-d-and-diana.jpg “Oh, this is so cool,” I chanted to Bee as we strutted towards the World Stage of this year’s Fete de la Musique in Malate. It was 45 minutes past midnight and we had just arrived. The crowd has thinned and the atmosphere was casual and relaxed. Party-goers were lounging at tables that lined the sidewalks, several were upright and rooted in their spots right across the stage.

It was the perfect ambiance for the weary me having spent an entire day sitting in a five-hour meeting then running off to meet Bee in SM for some chores. When we got home at 7pm earlier that night, my body ached from exhaustion and insufficient sleep. I had to decline a get-together that I really wanted to attend because there was no strength left in me to swing by there before going to the Fete. Thankful was I for our sturdy blue couch that caught my unbearable weight in a free fall. I must rest.

Which I did, while Bee ran out for an office errand. When she got back, the Fete has been pushed back to a hidden compartment in my mind, probably the same place where old information is stored when new data is offered. As was the case, because by then, I was already caught up in a girl’s love dilemma having opted on a chick lit to make my rest a bit more enjoyable.

While I continued with my reading, Bee played Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. This seemed to be a clear indication that we were settling in for the night. Especially that an hour or so later, we ordered in pizza and pasta from Yellow Cab.

However, when you live with an Aquarian who also happens to like her spontaneity and madness, indications remain just that — mere hints of a prospect that may or may not actualize. So you never know what’s coming.

“Gusto kong uminom,” she utters suddenly. I detect a slightly whining tone.

“Bili ka,” was my no-nonsense quick retort. She didn’t laugh. None of that usual hearty giggly fits like the one she broke into the other day, when after telling me she was hungry, I calmly suggested: “Kainin mo na lang ang mga DVDs.”

“Gusto ko talagang uminom,” she repeats, trying to get me to understand that she will be busy the next weeks and won’t have time for drinks.

And so, we quickly dressed (me, not as quick as she). At the strike of midnight, so so unlike Cinderella, we leave the house to party. At the Fete.

Not many steps from where the cab driver dropped us and just right beside the World Stage in Nakpil cor Orosa , May-i’s beaming beautiful self appears to greet us (including an advance hbd to me). Wow, nothing makes one feel more at home than a familiar face. (Not that, it takes much for us to get into the groove.)

giligans.jpgSoon, Bee and I were getting in line for drinks. Vodka tonic for her from Giligan’s bar and cheap SMB pale (25 bucks only) for me from its booth outside.

After walking about and checking out the other stages, we joined Bobby D., and birthday girl Diana near the sound booth of the World Stage.

And here I had the most fun. Skabeche revived my spirited love for ska and reggae, the irresistible beats that make you groove even when you haven’t passed the douchie on the left-hand side. The band’s rendition of More Today than Yesterday also fondly reminded me of my in-love years with an ex-boyfriend. I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. Oh yes, I know how it is to feel that way.

And then, I discover this amusingly irreverent group – The Chongkeys. They’re funny. Consider the appealing wit of Diksyunaryo, which follows a very simple logic for words: kung ang mahilig sa kanta ay kantatero, ang mahilig sa kanto ay kantotero. Hahahaha! My favorite is: na ang tawag sa mahilig sa Yakult ay Yakultero. Hahahaha!

On the ride back home, I tried to translate the song to German intern Diana. Maaan, mahirap pala talagang mag-explain ng joke.

Pero, maaan, nasiyahan ako. Thank you Fete, next year uli!

fotos by Bobby D.