July 2007

I got obsessed creating slideshows of our Vietnam trip, Eula had to point out this blog had become “heavy” with almost a dozen slideshows all uploading and playing at the same time.

So I created links to my slide site, but then I discover that I can actually put up the slides in the pages here. Hahaha! How fun to learn html! Besides, it’d be a shame not to show off the hundred (700+ Maria says) pictures we took of our ourselves with Vietnamese wares, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Vietcong booby traps, and even restaurant doors as backgrounds.

It appears we documented virtually every single thing we did. Oh yes. From our departure at the Changi Airport in Singapore to our goodbyes in Saigon.

Our first day, we just walked and walked around the shopping district and gawked at all the stuff. The next two days, we embarked on more serious sightseeing and marvelled at the Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, “Handicapt” Workshop, Saigon’s Palace, Post Office and the Notre Dame Cathedral. In between, we tried on some hats.

For more stories, see The Slow Hand.


It’s past 1 am now and am in the de Guzman’s dining room, ‘silently typing’, Maria says. How nice. In a few hours, 4:30 am, she, her son Ching, and I will haul off to the airport and depart for Vietnam. How nice.

Anyway, my flight from Manila was nice. (I like to say nice over and over again because it’s nice.) I did feel sentimental though and tears were just sneaking up and rolling down my face from the cab going to the Centennial airport to the many queues of immigration. At the boarding area, I started reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Witch of Portobello that Maya lent that morning, and emotions kept swimming to shore. (It’s the second day of my period so my emotional hyper-sensitivity is not surprising. At this time of the month, weeping is as predictable as the next Singapore train.)


Will be flying off to Singapore tomorrow. Then Vietnam Sunday. Back in Singapore Tuesday. But am ngarag still. Not much sleep, haven’t packed yet, got my freakin’ period.

But am happy. Very happy. Yahoo!


Roomie arrived from Bangkok yesterday after being gone for nearly two weeks! We chatted a bit before I left for work that morning. In the evening, I was at a meeting in Alex’s Grill. Suprise! Roomie and Mom were there too. But since I was trapped in the meeting, I couldn’t join them for dinner with Grace and Oyette who later followed.

When I caught the waitress about to take a snapshot, I rushed from across the hall. So am part of this moment with B’s mom 🙂

“Ate, may boyfriend ka na ba?”, Jofti casually dropped this question via chat.


“Wala naman…ganda mo po kasi.”

“Ahhh…hahaha…free ako ngayon”

“Unfortunately….wala naman akong kilala na bagay sa yo…at mukhang happy ka naman at di naghahanap…feel ko lang…”

I didn’t tell her, but yeah, my thoughts exactly.


Beautiful photo from: http://flickr.com/photos/ljguitar/617493420/ by ljguitar.

*Because Comments doesn’t allow for photos (or maybe we have yet to figure how).

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