It’s been a week since I arrived from Singapore where I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the de Guzman’s residence. “Parang Rest House ‘tong bahay niyo”, I told Maria. For three days, we were contentedly cooped inside the house, going out only in the evenings for dinner with Randall and Joy, much to the couple’s dismay. 😛

“Ano na lang ilalagay mo sa blog mo?”, Joy repeatedly pried me on this. Ha-ha! She was concerned I haven’t seen much of Singapore except the sub-urbs. She was also really interested in me blogging about my S’pore vacation that she and Randall made sure I had the calling card of that fabulous Chinese resto we dined in so I could write about it. But as you can see, I am now not caring to even identify that resto. I probably misplaced the card too. Ooh la la.

Please forgive me Yoj and Randy :P. And thank you for your wonderful amusing thoughts and kind caring gestures. We will magic mike yet again.

Anyway, I also had fun being “hardcore homebodies” with Claire and Ching. There is something about their home that makes you forget about time and the world outside.

You will want to be a couch potato.

And I was. Well, kinda, coz I didn’t really lounge in the couch and watch TV but instead hung around in the laundry balcony where with coffee and cigs I sensed myself.

On my last day, the de Guzmans and I went malling around Orchard Road. Para naman makita ko ang Cosmopolitan Singapore. 🙂 But I was momentarily confused with this…

and this….

Hehehehehe. 😛

My dear hosts, thank you for the wonderful time.

I am fortunate in the presence of your fun and abiding friendship. 🙂