Officemate Bernie and I have just finalized our work skeds. If things go according to plan, we’ll be away from mid-August to first week of September, travelling to Vizcaya then Mindoro and back to Vizcaya again. In between these trips, we’ll have a one-day stop-over in Manila — just enough time to wash soiled clothes and pack fresh ones.

I don’t mind (in fact, i love) these travels because time slows down while on the road and a day could drag forever in the rural towns, a nice change from the constant hurry and toxicity of urban living. I feel awful (awful, talaga!) though that I won’t be spending much time with roomie, who’s now still abroad and arriving next week, at which time I will be busy with deadlines and trip preparations, if not, leaving yet.

Frak. It’s been like this for the past couple of months. She’s away, comes back just when am about to leave and when I return, she’s flying off again. Hahay! Paano kasi email add niya comeflywithme. Ako naman may nunal sa paa. Gypsies tuloy ang drama.

Oh no! Oh no! Just just occurred to me I won’t be here when Binky Lampano plays on August 22. Urgh!! Prakenchet!

Fax talaga! Tsk tsk tsk………….