It’s Monday, still reeling from the past week’s “socio- cultural” activities.

Thursday, caught Johnoy’s gig in 70s Bistro with Goy, Eula, Francois and Le Jun (no, the latter two are not a French couple :P). Goy was tipsy and very merry over LJ’s “coming-out party”. Harakhak galore.

Friday, thanks to Norabelle’s friend, Alden, resident choreographer of Ballet Philippines, we had free tickets to BP’s Rizal Revisted / Double Takes at the CPP. Napakagaling ng BP Company. So quaint and graceful, light as feathers. Particularly wowable were the dancers who played Rizal and Maria Clara – effortless moves and natural grace. Nakakamangha. As in.

After the show, Himaya and I headed off to Sarah’s to celebrate Melay Pelay’s topping (No. 2) the veterinary medicine board exams. The place was jampacked. Studes in one table were belting out pop tunes complete with guitar accompaniment. Aliw. At may sparkling green signage na ang Sarah’s. This little improvement reminded me of how far off the time when I’d down 7 big bottles of Colt 45 and still feel perfectly alright. Feeling tandercat siguro ako kaya naman nasiyahan ako nung tinawag ni Emma, tindera ng Sarah’s, ang pangalan ko. There is always joy in knowing someone still remembers you.

After Sarah’s, we roamed around Timog and Morato looking for a videoke bar. We ended up in Kabooh!, a cheap watering hole whose CR is a mile away. Two hours later, we were told by the staff that “Your Song” was to be our last song. By then, the animal doctors were also fretting to go home. But of course, not Nora and Vyka. Sanay sa pa-morningan ang mga ‘to. We moved to Garahe and talked till sunrise. Opo, umaga na ako dumating sa bahay.

Saturday, I was woken up by Eula’s text message: “..because I’m a fan, this is to inform you that 2 Days in Paris will be shown again today at 3 pm…” Ang sweet naman, may schedule pa talaga. Because I have full confidence in Eula’s movie judgements, I arrange to meet Laimi in Gateway. Magaling-galing nga! Have fully converted into a fan of Julie Delpy, who starred in, wrote and produced the witty, touching relationship film.

After the movie, Laimi and I went for coffee while waiting for Eula to arrive for our 5:20pm movie date. Laimi was catching BP’s Rizal Revisited that night, so only Eula and I caught “Ploy”, a psychological relationship-drama from Thailand. The erotic scenes of the bartender and the hotel maid were, well, delicious. Hehehe.

Eula and I decided to make sulit our trip to Cinemanila. After dinner, we saw “No Regret”, a Korean film about love between two men. Nakakabaliw. As in. Roller coaster. Then we had a couple of drinks at Café Adriatico and talked ‘til closing time.

Sunday, I invited Laimi over to the house. For lunch, she cooked “comfort” food – corned beef, hotdogs, eggs and tuyo. Meanwhile, I did my laundry and tidied up the house. By late afternoon, we were in Gateway again and saw the Belgian production “Irina Palm”. It’s a story of an elderly woman who wanted to raise money for her grandson’s medical bills. She found herself working in a sex joint, wanking penises out of a hole in a wall (literally!). Magandang pelikula.

Like the previous night, a couple of drinks again in Adriatico. Pia joined us then and we talked and talked again ‘til closing time.

Live bands, stage plays and cultural shows, independent films, wonderful face-to-face conversations with Manila friends – there won’t be much of these stuff in the province. Kaya ito ako ngayon, making the most of these opportunities. 🙂