When Eula phoned last week and said she caught a glimpse of Cutie, I shrieked: “Chet! Chet!”. For one full minute, “Chet” was the only word I knew.

I would have wanted to see him, you know. I heard he was coming to Manila. But then, it slipped my mind exactly when. Dumbordore me. So it happened that when he disembarked from the car, Eula was there. And I wasn’t.

I was kilig for Chester Eula. I helped spread the word of her accidental eyewitness moment. I wish I were there. But I wasn’t. Life goes on…

Saturday evening, Eula and I were in a cafe raving about the two movies we had just seen when we bumped into filmmaker friend, Tara.

From her, we learned that Cutie was at the premier of Death Proof. That while our heads were spinning to the tragic twists of No Regret, Cutie was delivering a speech in the cinema next door.

“Chet”, I muttered as I met Eula’s equally dilated eyes. Dumbordore us, clueless about Death Proof being Cutie’s work.

Three nights and half-a-dozen movies later, Eula and I were sat in another cafe, waiting for the next movie screening and chatting with lovebirds Therese and LJ. They had only started their Cinemanila marathon the day before.

But! Betchabygollywoo, they’ve already seen and heard Cutie! Yes, in the screening of The Muthers, a B-movie that Cutie said is a β€œgreat film” during the film’s short opening program. Mayma! I missed him again. By the hair of my chinny chin chin.

And then there was last night. Eula and I were on our way to catch Persepolis*. Becky, who just came out of Volver, texted that she spotted Cutie headed for the loo.

Oh man! Bakit ganun? Bakit si Cutie nagpakita kay Becky? Eh hindi naman siya araw-araw nasa Gateway. In fact, nun lang.

Bakit nagpapakita si Cutie sa lahat ng tao liban sa akin? Bakit, bakit, bakit? Why, Cutie, why? Kung si Dong Abay pa: “How could you be so Uh? How could you be? How could you be so Uh-Uh?”

Psst, QT! Quentin Tarantino! Walk my way! For your autograph, I’ll demonstrate Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch. Sakaling makasalubong niyo siya, pasabi na lang.


* Sabi kasi ni LJ, kahit gaano pa daw kadami ang napanood namin, balewala ang lahat ng yon pag di namin pinanood ang Persepolis. Wag na raw akong manonood ng whatever movie kung di ko lang rin panonoorin ang Persepolis.

Pwede lang daw ako manood ng ibang movie kung di na ako magyoyosi. Eh sabi ko naman sa kanya, mas maniniwala ako kung hindi siya naka-jacket sa sinehan.

Pero sabi niya pa rin, kahit mag-signal number 10 daw ang bagyo basta napanood na namin ang Persepolis, bahala na.

Basta ganyan lang kami mag-usap. Non-sequitur.

Pero wala siyang kasing tama. Don’t miss Persepolis!