September 2007

A for Abalos, B for Broadband, Z-T-E for the Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment Company and F-G for the First Gentleman.

That’s the New Alphabet, according to the Freedom from Debt Coalition. And it’s the Alphabet of “unnecessary debt, fraudulent deals and shady characters.”

Today, members of the debt watchdog sang out their disgust over the controversial $329-million national broadband network (NBN) project and zeroed in on the scam’s suspected culprits — “the alleged broker, the debt-creating deal, the overpricing Chinese company and the already named mystery man.”

Care to join? Reeaady…Sssing! A-B-Z-T-E-F-G…..

Caught Binky Lampano and the Lampano Alley’s Repeat Show in 70s Bistro last week. I was in Mindoro Oriental when they had their first show in August and since Binky is already based in the US and is just here for a few months, I was hell-bent on catching this twice-in-a-bluemoon performance.

I love the Blues and I love Buesman Binky. I didn’t want to miss this Repeat. Earlier told my officemate all out of town trips must be scheduled after September 12. (Haha! Kala mo naman pwede ang ganitong klaseng brasuhan. Pero buti na lang, Sept 13 nga ang naging alis namin papuntang Nueva Viscaya).

So I joined other Binky fans and friends last Wednesday for some serious sound tripping. 😛 For much of the night we were simply silent, all senses focused on the band’s marvelous performance and Binky’s quips on Erap’s conviction (“Erap, Ganyan lang”) and some Eddie Garcia impersonations (Baka magalit daw si Mama Mary..Mary..Walter!)


i could say overjoyed but that would be cheesy. but really, am happy about many things, like:

1) binky lampano at bistro tonight, hehehehe

2) mother bringing me a lafftaff. 😀

3) the healing dance meditation last night (!)

4) reconnections and reconnections

no time and drive to write, so yan na muna. 😛

Nalipay ko.

Ina balang lipay

nga makahilibi.


Sa adlaw.

Kag gal-um.

Sa tun-og.

Kag hapon.




Manang entreats some saint

for her basket of fish to be sold

fish that’s fresh no more, rancid nearly

dead red-eyed scaly, a week-old almost


Go buy her galunggong

so tomorrow on doorsteps

she can vend again, a different fish

dead red-eyed scaly, all the way

from Nasugbu, have coffee if there’s any

the world’s a bit dreary