Caught Binky Lampano and the Lampano Alley’s Repeat Show in 70s Bistro last week. I was in Mindoro Oriental when they had their first show in August and since Binky is already based in the US and is just here for a few months, I was hell-bent on catching this twice-in-a-bluemoon performance.

I love the Blues and I love Buesman Binky. I didn’t want to miss this Repeat. Earlier told my officemate all out of town trips must be scheduled after September 12. (Haha! Kala mo naman pwede ang ganitong klaseng brasuhan. Pero buti na lang, Sept 13 nga ang naging alis namin papuntang Nueva Viscaya).

So I joined other Binky fans and friends last Wednesday for some serious sound tripping. 😛 For much of the night we were simply silent, all senses focused on the band’s marvelous performance and Binky’s quips on Erap’s conviction (“Erap, Ganyan lang”) and some Eddie Garcia impersonations (Baka magalit daw si Mama Mary..Mary..Walter!)

Sometime during the show, I casually mentioned to Frances that I had earlier thought about having a photo taken with Binky or getting his autograph. It was an FYI. Seeing we had neither a camera nor a CD album, I had let go of the idea.

But not Frances, it turned out. Man, I did not expect that that night, she would ‘make my dreams come true’. Hahahha!

After indulging the audience with several encores, the exhausted band members finally called it a night. Our table was waiting for our bill when Frances, noticing some of the band members sat on the stage’s platform, said: “Rudie, ikaw yata ang hinihintay. Magpa-picture ka na sama nila.”

I glanced towards the stage and I had to agree: It was a potential Kodak moment. The band members were lounging and idly chatting with each other. “Eh, wala tayong camera eh,” said I, dismissing the idea.

“Humiram tayo kay Thony”, Frances insisted, referring to the camera the Bistro 70’s bar owner had been clicking away all night.

“Sige, sige”, nabuhayan ako ng loob. “Magpa-group picture tayo!”

Na-excite naman ang buong grupo. “Sige, sige, sige!” din daw.

Yet…we were somewhat slow to move. When I spotted some of the band members leave the stage and two more about to follow, I egged on Becky “Dali, hiramin mo na ang camera kay Thony!” Then without any second thought, I quickly stood up and moved towards the stage.

“Excuse me, can we have a group photo with the band,” I addressed the two band members nearest me. Behind them was Binky chatting with a friend. As soon as I uttered this and met the confused looks of the two band members, Binky looked my way, stood up, took three steps and offered an ear. I repeated my request.

“Oh, I thought you were gonna take me home,” he said. Uohhh lalu!

“And what did you say? Did you have a comeback?”, Becky excitedly asked when I told her the story later.

“No. Ngumiti lang ako,” I said.

“Photo-op lang kasi ang naisip ni Rudie. Hindi niya inakala na pwedeng may ganun pala”, Frances said, hitting the nail on its head. And when I realized this, I wanted no head hit but mine! Hehehe! Torpe-do burger pala ako. Of course, it shouldn’t matter that Binky’s running spiel during the show was an invitation for anyone in the audience to take him home. He wouldn’t mind sleeping on the floor daw since all he needs is a hot (or was it cold?) shower. 😛

Anyway, may dalawang group photos kami not only with Binky but with the band. Tinawag pa namin isa-isa: “Si Kakoy pa.” Pati si Noel C. na audience lang that night, join na rin. Sa group photos pala na ito, nasa tabi ako ni Binky. At siya ay may matching akbay on my shoulder 😛 Hehehehhe.

Later, we were still hovering around the stage. And then another sudden shout for a pic. This time, there was Binky surrounded by us four girls. Siempre, tabi pa rin ako. Frances was on his other side. Parehong inaakbayan. Hekhek.

Man, ang tagal mag-click ng camera. Smile fatigue kaming lahat. As in. Kala mo nag-e-epileptic seizures ang mga pisngi. Ang naalala ko na huling nanginig ng sobra ang aking cheeks dahil sa kaka-smile ay nung pinasali ako sa Lakambini ng Wika nung high school. Tsk tsk tsk.

After what seemed like centuries of quivering smiles, our cameraman finally declared: “Ayaw na. Memory full pala. ” Prak! Prakakan!

Sayang na sayang na sayang na sayang. Pero yeko lang, may akbay moment naman. 😀

On the way home, I bragged to LJ: “At tinanong pa niya pangalan namin!”

“True,” sabi ni Frances, with a rejoinder na: “Si Rudie lang talaga yun. Napasama lang ako dahil katabi ko siya (Rudie).”

“True,” ang sabi ko naman. Kasi kasi, yun talaga ang totoo! Hahahahaha!

At ang isa pang totoo ay: I only ordered one hot tea the entire night. No beer, no wine, no margarita. No alcohol, inaderwerds. Nada, nada, nada. Because roomie Belinda and I are on South Beach Diet. Happy, dibadibs? Cheap thrill nga talaga! 😀

*Photos to follow. Need to kulit Becky to kulit Thony. 😀