March 2010

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To me this is what is traditionally known as male energy,

which needs to be unleashed from each of us from time to time.

It’s powerful and strong and magnetic.

What was wrong before was that I told everybody what I was feeling, thinking and everything else that was happening to me. What am learning right now is that I must keep the secrets to myself.


Completely Clear.

And. Vivid.

And. Peaceful.

And. So.

So. Fine.

To listen is to know the most intricate design of the mind and the deepest desire of the heart.

That everything is never really as  it seems.

And that situations are constantly evolving.

That today was different from last night.

And tonight maybe unlike yesterday.

That tomorrows are times to look forward to.

And last year, a period to gain lessons from.

That the present, no matter how trying,

Is happiness, peace and love disguised.

That when all else shall come to pass,

Everything will be as it should have.

Baks, Ruda, Ibyang, Pai

Pinasahi kayman indi


Basta aksyon,

ara dayon.



sa hilamon.

Kag magkanta

asta gal-um.

Day Tia Mels ang tambayan

Puturo diutayan lang malintikan

Maayo lang kay aga napiyaran.

Nagpalalak-palak sa radyo

“Roger on that”, ang bisyo

Puro eyeball diri kag didto.

Kung gapaduding sa dalan

Nabiktima mga salakyan

Hitchhiking ginapatulan.

May ara man iban nga beses

Lagaw sa SM kung Biyernes

Mga bayo kag saplot sa hanger

Ginakay-o nila nga mga arranger.

Si Ibyang nadalman sa disco

Si Pai sa mga dahon sa kanto

Si Baks naluyag sang todo

Si Ruda nagapa-disimulado.

Ilos ang gina-purutikol

Sa onopelet naga-call

Dap birt nanay,

tatay kag auntie,

Kung pirmi lang

ga-isoy kag moni.

Si Pai damo mga sulat

Si Ruda magtu-on, nalipat

Si Baks kis-a kapala-ugtas

Si Ibyang, indi gusto tikwas.

Apat ka mag-amiga

Asta subong wala duda

Ara para sa isa kag isa

Asta nga mag-mal-am sila.

* Oh man! Bad trip that I don’t know how to manipulate wordpress. Correct grouping of verses not shown. 😦

October 2007. General Santos City.

Went to the Caritas Clinic at Farmers’ Plaza, Cubao today for more tests – blood sugar, lipid profile and uric acid level. I want to know the real state of my health so that I can do something about it. This is what I’ve always admired about Papa. He likes going to doctors and cares for his health.

After that, I walked to National Bookstore and bought art supplies – a big sketchpad, a small one I can carry around anywhere I go, a set of oil pastels, a set of colored signpens, a set of colored pencils, and a set of colouring pens. Yes, will take up drawing again. 🙂

Then met Papa for lunch. I made my first visual art for this year while Father was busy reading the papers.

Before that, I dropped by Smart Telecommunications to inquire about discrepancies in my bill. I’ve overpaid in the past month, yet they still posted a balance. They weren’t able to give me straight answers because they supposedly couldn’t access my bills. Very strange. Will investigate further.

Then before Papa and I separated, I sang to him at least five songs. I know that my singing is improving because he confirmed it. And he is one to tell me, gently and amused of course, that I’m out of tune or “libagon” when I am.

So that was it. Will do stuff for work in a while. Have deadlines and I intend to beat them.  🙂

P.S. And oh, dropped by Booksale on the way home. Got a copy for 95 bucks of Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende, one of my favorite authors. And for 40 bucks of The Night and the Music: Rosemary Clooney, Barbara Cook and Julie Wilson Inside the World of Cabaret by Deborah Grace Winer.

New Age and the Occult are usually scoffed at for being unscientific. Just a month ago, I viewed a set of films at the UP Film Center shown by the Filipino Freethinkers, an organization of progressive atheists, agnostics and critical minds. And the unscienticism (my term) of New Age is among the movies’ main thesis, particularly those by academic Richard Dawkins.

Let me just say, I have much respect for these people and their kin all over the world. And I thank them for giving me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and their perspectives will always be at the back of my mind. They have given me much stuff to ponder on.

I also totally enjoyed the films. I found Richard Dawkins documentaries thought-provoking. And I had a lot of laughs at the hilarious one-person acts of noted comedians taking pointed jibes at the creation story of the Book of Genesis as well as the skewed interpretations of Christian teachings. I also had fun relishing the sarcastic animations that surfaced the harsh judgements and forceful dominations of the mainstream Christian followers against non-believers.

With that, allow me to continue on my narration of my relationship with various spiritual belief systems and practices. This time I’ll tackle New Age and the Occult.


Kamandag mo,


Di ko mawari,

alin ang totoo

Tuwing naiisip ka:


sa tindi ng pagnanasa

Mga balikat,


Katawang mataba,

namulupot sa tuwa

Mga talampakan,


Pait ng kili-kili,

di mo masisisi

Ano ang pina-ulam?

Ako yata ay nakulam.

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