Kermit cradles the guitar
and mocks us with muted tunes;
Sitting on a rock the shade of earth,
now become mud as lightning shatters stone
to pieces and rain, air and light
decompose pebbles into moist sand.

Between the frog and the crooning fat piglady
a cactus displayed unashamedly stands;
It provokes you into scrutiny.
Its threadlike spikes point to all directions
as if to scold and insult the Chinese for
inventing mahjong tiles with only four
wind directions – north, south, east, west.

Look here, the spikes say,
what have you been thinking?
One dimensions are not for round planets.

*inspired by clay decors of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy with cactus plant sitting between them at our home porch in General Santos, November 2007.