Work is wonderful. I like the environment very much. Our office is a two-floor apartment we share with another organization. It’s three blocks away from where I rent a room so I just walk to and from the office everyday. We have a small garden at the back where the other office we share the apartment with maintains a garden. They grow basils and other plants and they do backyard vermiculture composting. Me and my officemates love working in the garden but when it becomes too hot we move back up to the second floor to enjoy the aircon then come back in the afternoon when it’s cooler.

My officemates are simply great! We are ten all in all – 5 around my age, 4 in their 20s, and 1 slightly older than us. So being senior, am part of the management team and contribute ideas in shaping the organization as well as implementing tasks assigned to me. Right now, I do a lot of writing for research, project proposal development, correspondences and information materials. Will also be coordinating our advocacy on the budget, the environment and climate change. I find the work challenging and since my self-confidence has leapt a whole mile, I know I would be up to the task of working competently. So far, the bosses are pleased with my work and I know they appreciate that I am now part of their team. They’re trying to make the most of my skills, experience and ideas, so they’re really effective catalysts in my self-development.

I have very good relations with officemates. We laugh a lot and we respect each other. They’re fast becoming good friends. So I really like my fun, supportive, accepting, trusting environment. Plus, the office has a homey atmosphere. It’s like doing freelance job in your house, which is really what I want.

*Excerpt from a letter I wrote to my two sisters and brother about my life now.