Was out last night with some old male kabarkadas whom I’ve known since high school. One of them is Vince, my batchmate and someone I used to have exhausting discussions with primarily over life choices and politics, among other memorable moments we shared. But we don’t quarrel anymore. And I know we remember the good times though we didn’t talk about them last night. He’s among those who helped a big lot during my episode. And I love him, not only because of all that he’s done for me but also because I appreciate who he is and that I know he loves me too.

Mig, as I’ve said, am with you. May your heart lead you to the happiness you truly deserve.

Last night, I also met a new person. A former general, a military man. Speaking out some of my biases against the military, he listened and understood. And by the way we interacted, I somehow had the notion, to put it in tentative terms, that he truly wanted peace in Mindanao and that he was a dedicated to his service. He knew what was wrong but made no emphatic apologies about them. I sensed that despite his profession which had perhaps obligated him to do cruel things (and here, I am simply assuming), he is basically a good man with an open, dutiful, and hopeful heart.

I also met a wonderful young woman, who’s about to wed my highschool acquaintance. She can read auras, even palms, and can generally sense a person’s life journey. She told me reassuring and inspiring things about my future. She also confirmed my current disposition and the nature of my relationship with this certain guy. She added that I want to do lot of things and told me I am able and may even receive unexpected rewards. She said as well that Papa is gonna have some years more to live and that his only worry now is me, who appears to be his favorite.

I like her a lot. She’s open, easy-going and generous. I told her husband-to-be that he’s one lucky guy. I hope they cherish each other and have a delightful married life.

And this morning, I had a nice chat with an old college acquaintance who’s been living just a few houses across from me. I woke up early again today and went to the store to buy coffee. I chanced upon him reading newspapers outside his studio. Curious, because it was only the other night that another guy friend told me when we accidentally caught each other at a watering hole that our mutual friend stayed near my place. Two mornings after that, I bumped into this friend and his visitor hanging out by the road. Bobby D, if you’re reading, am referring to JQ. Hehe. Aliw.

Am really glad. Now, by his invitation too, I can hang out with him at his place in case I get bored being by myself in my room. And spending time and getting to know more about an old buddy is always worthwhile and, to use my favorite term again, enriching.

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