Had a good sleep. Woke up early and wrote the entry on Catholic services. Then went for a walk to Quezon Memorial Circle. Caught the tail end of a pop-aero-dance exercise and joined others dancing outside of the fenced round elevated exercise area. Just as I thought the routine was done, “Footlose” broke out and I excitedly sweated it out with everyone as we took our cue from the instructor’s energetic movements.

From behind me, a man addressed a very old man in a walking stick: “Rudy, sayaw ka.”

I turned to Lolo and said: “Rudy po pangalan niyo? Rudie din ako!”

He laughed and remarked: “Tukayo!”


Offering and Dedication

I offer this morning’s walk and exercise to the Catholic God, powerful and merciful, to Jesus Christ, healer and teacher, to the Virgin Mary, mother and maiden.

I dedicate it to Rudy Viajar, my father, who always messages me in the morning, asking if I’ve done my exercise while he’s having his. May Papa’s enlarged prostate glands be healed. May he continue to earn money in his old age. May his singing voice bring delight to an audience.

I extend the prayer to the Rudys I’ve met: Rudy Go, my brother-in-law. Gen. Rudy Garcia, a friend of a friend, and the Lolo Rudy I shared a laugh with this morning.