Went to the Caritas Clinic at Farmers’ Plaza, Cubao today for more tests – blood sugar, lipid profile and uric acid level. I want to know the real state of my health so that I can do something about it. This is what I’ve always admired about Papa. He likes going to doctors and cares for his health.

After that, I walked to National Bookstore and bought art supplies – a big sketchpad, a small one I can carry around anywhere I go, a set of oil pastels, a set of colored signpens, a set of colored pencils, and a set of colouring pens. Yes, will take up drawing again. 🙂

Then met Papa for lunch. I made my first visual art for this year while Father was busy reading the papers.

Before that, I dropped by Smart Telecommunications to inquire about discrepancies in my bill. I’ve overpaid in the past month, yet they still posted a balance. They weren’t able to give me straight answers because they supposedly couldn’t access my bills. Very strange. Will investigate further.

Then before Papa and I separated, I sang to him at least five songs. I know that my singing is improving because he confirmed it. And he is one to tell me, gently and amused of course, that I’m out of tune or “libagon” when I am.

So that was it. Will do stuff for work in a while. Have deadlines and I intend to beat them.  🙂

P.S. And oh, dropped by Booksale on the way home. Got a copy for 95 bucks of Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende, one of my favorite authors. And for 40 bucks of The Night and the Music: Rosemary Clooney, Barbara Cook and Julie Wilson Inside the World of Cabaret by Deborah Grace Winer.