April 2010

Been pretty busy. Loving the free-spirited world.

Over the weekend, went on a trip to Puerto Galera on a tight budget. But the Universe provides. Met cool people. Hiked to Tamaraw Falls for free. Got tanned, just the way I like it. Exercised. Ate yummy food. Knew about local culture.

Made a lot of friends: Ate Perly, the masahista. Hamad, the tour guide. And so many more. Also, got to know some foriegners. Sara, a Swiss. And Steven, an American based in Korea and planning to put up an English school here in the Philippines.

Chatted with boatmen, vendors, carinderia owners, stall owners etc etc.

Jammed with very cool guys and girl (Alex) at the Henna Tattoo Shop. Had a tequila shot with with teen-agers and young adult girls.

On the way home to Quezon City, gained a friend in Angela.

And so many more! Pero dahil quick update lang to, hanggang dito na muna. 🙂

Basta super duper happy!

Will post photos when I have the time. 🙂

P.S. And while doing all these fun activities, I campaigned for Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, For Senators: Risa Hontiveros, Danny Lim, and Neric Acosta. For Party List: Ang Ladlad.

And shared perspectives on tribal culture, the need for local people to respect and take pride in their Mangyan heritage, the healing properties of the sea, falls, mountains, plants etc etc.

Will be doing Tarot Readings every Tuesday at Remy’s in Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao. Will also be available for appointments.

Thank You and Hope to See You! 🙂

October 2007. GenSan City.

Knock. Knock.

“Who’s at the door?”
Asks the squirrel to the spider.

“Well, I don’t know, honey,”
Replies he, spinning cobwebs on tapered walls.

“It’s the reindeer,”
Says the horse on a stool.

“Certainly the butler,”
Tells the conspirator.

“Perhaps the wind,”
Goes the willow tree.

“I think, it’s the busy bee,”
Whispers the little girl on a pony.

“Okay. Am off to Malibu. See you!”

“But wait!”
Says the brave and mighty soldier.

“Bring an umbrella, three spears,




“Am sure, you’ll find these handy.”

“Thank you,” replies the squirrel.
“But I’ve got everything I need.”

“Besides, I always
Travel Light.”

*formerly titled “Zen of Flying” as written in August 2004. Lines and punctuations also revised for symmetry. Nothing changed in the words, except for one grammatical error.

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