Reposting these two poems, which I’ll read later at the Happy Mondays Poetry Reading of Mag-net Cafe in Katipunan.

These poems have been revised with great help from Joel Toledo. I just don’t know yet if he’s satisfied with the changes I’ve made with The Earth is Round.  🙂 Also, edits in star-crossed were done by Joel. Maraming maraming salamat, kapatid. 🙂

The Earth is Round

I sit unmoved in this silent square

and at the center, this is what I see:

Kermit cradles the guitar and

mocks with muted tunes;

Propped by a rock the shade of earth,

now becomes mud  as lightning shatters

stone to pieces and rain, air, and light

decompose pebbles into moist sand.

Between the frog

and the crooning fat piglady,

a cactus on display stands unashamedly;

It provokes you into scrutiny.

Its threadlike spikes point to all directions

as if to scold and insult the Chinese for inventing

mahjong  tiles with only four wind directions:

North, South, East, West.

Look here, the spikes say,

what have you been thinking?

A single dimension

is not for Round Planets.


he stands. on good feet
by nylon weaved by
a maid.

she sits. on a stone
by a hand created by
a mother.

they stare. gossip.
eagerly anticipating.

all remain still,
but just briefly.

a foot must wriggle its toes
the stone must breath
that they may walk,
not in rhythmic cadence
but in languid sway.

(carved legs, two pairs
wrapped around each other.)