Some Duterte supporters qualify that they are not against CHR, just some people in there, primarily CHR Head Chito Gascon. They would paint him as Dilawan.

Dears, any CHR Head or member, will be Dilawan to you.

Because any CHR Head or member who is independent and true to its Constitutional mandate will necessarily criticize the War on Drugs that has legitimized brutal abuses by state agents (police) and perpetuated impunity through the inaction of state agents on the killings of masked men (who are either police themselves or vigilantes).

An accountable CHR will necessarily investigate these human rights violations and raise hell over it. That is how you know that the CHR is doing its work. Because the overarching, definitive and rampant human rights violations in Philippine society today concern the right to life, due process and all other civil and political rights guaranteed by the Constitution and international human rights instruments. The very basic human rights that are violated, disregarded, rebuked and mocked by the instigator of mass murder – Katay Digong.

So pwede, huwag ipokrito.

The issue is EJKs, state-sanctioned killings and impunity. It’s either you’re an apologist/supporter of these human rights violations or you’re not.

It’s not about the CHR being Dilawan. It’s about you being stupid, uncritical and blinded. Or maybe you’re just goddam inhuman.