To the Family, Friends and All Those Who Care for President Duterte, the Person,

Please set him free.

He is suffering. He is physically weak – senior age with a serious health issue. He is mentally and psychologically unfit to lead the nation and its over 100 million people.

You can see it if you look and listen closely enough – the incoherent speech, the violent meltdowns, the paranoid accusations, the self-delusions, the memory lapses.

If you cannot do this for all those who bear the damaging consequences of his condition, please do it for him.

Have you listened to him? He has numerously provided hints.

If you no longer want me, I will step down. I do not want to be President.

He has been and is saying these in many different ways on countless occasions. Please listen to him. If you care enough for him.

But, perhaps this is very difficult for you to do. Because you, your interests and your identities are at stake.

There are those of you who see your political destinies entwined with the President’s. Whatever happens to the President will have dire consequences on what happens to you.

But there are also those of you, and I think you comprise the majority of the lot, who have cast your identities and beliefs on the President.

You want to prove his detractors wrong. You want to believe that the President is doing the right thing and you support him, prop him up, fight unbelievers. You won’t let go of him and you do not want him to let go.

But this is no longer actually about you fighting for the President. This is already about you wanting the President to fight your battle and prove that you are right.

But can’t you see, the President is weak and delirious.

Look closely at the President. Listen to him.

Please, have compassion for the President. I have never liked him nor supported him because of what he represents and does. I have been very critical of him.

But now, I see him. And I wish, believe it or not, I wish, that he would have the time to rest. That he would be cared for. That in the remaining days and years of his life, he would journey on to find his peace.

Please, President Duterte cannot save you. President Duterte cannot make you or this nation great.

Please release him from the burden of your expectations. No matter that he himself built his own myth.

If you can be selfless enough to really care for him, set him free. Please.