It’s somehow become a habit – this sitting mindfully with the self, tuning in to feelings, being aware of thoughts. It’s like developing a deeply personal love affair, one which my intuition tells me is durable and endures.

Knowing that I have the tendency to be analytical, sometimes I have to stop myself from getting carried away with thoughts. This can be quite trying because we are trained to be mental. Sometimes when I flow with my thoughts, I observe that I develop corresponding emotions. It seems true that emotional reactions arise from thoughts. Be careful what you think, as they say.

Am not saying that thinking is bad. Just that I somehow believe that insight and self-knowledge arises from a clear mind. So I try to nurture silence. Of course, I know that am not doing it the proper way even as I believe that inner calm exists no matter what a person is doing. Oneness is after all simply being in the eternal now. But that kind of present awareness has to be practiced. And Zen sits is among the traditional practices. And then there’s dancing, which the Witch of Portobello Athena and Goddess Friend Maya know.

Anyway, in Singapore, in my own odd way, I sat and moved. And something heavy was lifted off me. Hoo-woo.

2 Responses to “Sitting in Singapore”

  1. rossanova Says:

    miss you rin, sweetie.

    ahay, kaka-miss… 😛

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