it is to be understood and to understand;

to encourage an informed opinion; to share;

or, to discover what gives and what sits.

to trigger and enhance the journey of reflection,

to be moved by what resonates, be clarified,

and perhaps to synthesize with mind and heart.

to look at the many stuff in a different light,

be enriched by an insight, several insights,

to see ourselves in another way,

and another in the same way,

and many others in different ways.

that we may be here, fully present,

in the expansive experience

and later grasp fulfillment

as we reap what was sown,

discover what the dark desired for us to know

when it placed us in a circumstance

no matter how tragic, unfortunate

though it isn’t, for it is only the turbulence of waves.

as we see, swim, sink deeper, we revel in the profundity,

complexity of that which is simple and raw.

we carve, sculpt, smooth rough edges, polish till it bristles,

shines our life, Our Self, she who sits next to us in the bus,

he who is our constant company, they whom we have pained,

them who have cursed us, been kind to us, brought us woes

liberation, contradiction, harmony, suffering, apathy

we strive, struggle, surrender and surface

liking ourselves more. aware, attentive, authentic

in the path of resolution, reflection, revolution, relief

we tread, sprint, stroll, walk, be on our way,

living out karma, discovering its elements,

not fully knowing why things happen

only of how, appreciating more the way we are,

how we contemplate, comprehend, sense,

feel, the different ways we emote, react

how we are alike and distinct from another,

discerning our weaknesses, recognizing our mistakes,

embracing our humanity, shifting, transforming

relishing the way we help steer the universe

to a future, brighter, better. secure in our truths,

rested and prepared, once again, for joy.

mindful, enthusiastic about endless possibilities,

thrilled. for the world is aplenty, abundant,

awaiting the thirsty adventurer.


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